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6 Steps for Becoming Resilient

I always admired my father’s resilience. He developed an indomitable spirit to do well no matter what external circumstances or challenges might present themselves. It’s obvious where I got my passion for understanding how people can overcome adversity and achieve…

48 View / July 23, 2017

Five Steps for Achieving Peak Performance

Would you like to know the secret to being successful? So did Doug Newburg, a professor at the University of Virginia who studied hundreds of the world’s top performers to determine what made them the best surgeons, business leaders, athletes,…

72 View / July 16, 2017

Take time to determine your top priorities

If your life were to turn out really well, what picture comes to mind? When positive psychologists study people who are extraordinarily successful and satisfied with their life, they discover that they’re people who’ve taken the time to determine what…

2 View / January 15, 2017