PROPEL Principles Toolkit

The PROPEL Principles Toolkit

Based on the science of optimal human functioning, The PROPEL Principles Toolkit provides people with the implementation instructions, workbooks and resources they need to:

  • Create goals the staff is Passionate about achieving
  • Form Relationships that gets employees engaged
  • Use Optimistic thinking to create innovative solutions
  • Convert negative reactions into Proactivity using “strengths”
  • Replenish Energy required for peak performance
  • Leave a Legacy by making a meaningful difference

What is included in the Toolkit

  • An Overview of Positive Psychology: Using the Science of Optimal Human Functioning in Healthcare Organizations
  • The PROPEL Principles Implementation Plan: A step by Step Guide to engaging leaders and staff in creating an optimal healthcare organization
  • Resources for Staff Education Seminars
    • The PROPEL Principles Workbook
    • The PROPEL Principles Power Point Presentation
    • Instructions and Agenda for PROPEL Education Sessions
  • Resources for Using Strengths
    • Tests for Identifying Strengths
    • Strengths Matrix for your Team
    • Article: How Strengths Make Organizations Stronger
  • Resources for PROPEL Teams:
    • PROPEL Possibilities: Successfully implementing the 6 principles
    • PROPEL Strategy Map: Vision + SMARTER Goals + 1% Progress = Success
    • PROPEL Build and Broaden Plan: Harnessing multiple sources of influence
    • Positive/Constructive Responses: The best way to improve relationships
    • Guide to Managing Stress: The Road to Resilience
    • AONE Nurse Leader Article: Using Positive Psychology to Engage Your Staff During Difficult Times

Download your PROPEL Principles Toolkit here