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For decades consulting services have offered programs to “hardwire” skills and make leaders “accountable” for insuring their success. But the fact of the matter is that IHI reports reveal there has been no improvement in the number of medical errors that harm patients. Efficiencies gained through “Lean” practices have done little to contain rising costs. In fact, some studies show these problems are intensifying; leading some healthcare economists to predict that up to 30% of hospitals could be out of business by 2020.

Your medical center is facing unprecedented challenges as value-based reimbursement revolutionizes the healthcare industry. To survive, your hospital will need to deliver cost-effective patient care that produces outstanding patient safety and satisfaction metrics, or face significant financial consequences. Mandating change only gets minimal improvement, but generates massive resistance and resentment. You don’t have time for that.

Two key questions:

Is the issue that employees don’t know the right things to do to provide safe patient care in a cost-effective manner?

Or, is your challenge getting everyone at every level to do the right thing – deliver the right care, the right way, at the right time?

The Solution

Most medical centers have well-trained professionals who know what is preventing people from providing excellent patient care. Often times the staff even has great ideas about how to do deliver services in a more cost-effective manner. But most employees – 70% according to Gallup – are not engaged in the process of solving the problems.

The PROPEL Principles offer a revolutionary approach. These 6 principles engage people at every level in the process of creating a great healthcare organization.


Using The PROPEL Principles to Achieve Remarkable Results

When people are introduced to the science of positive psychology – the study of optimal human function – they are usually eager to know how to apply it to their own situations.  Over the past 10 years I’ve been involved in conducting research at some of the world’s leading hospitals to determine an effective methodology for teaching healthcare professionals how to flourish using positive psychology principles. That research has uncovered six principles that have proven to be the “active ingredients” that enable people in healthcare organizations to flourish as individuals and be a part of creating a high-performing workplace.

By systematically applying these six principles, known by the acronym PROPEL, units in a major academic medical center have been able to significantly enhance their performance.  Leaders and staff developed the ability to work together to reignite Passion, improve Relationships, increase Optimism, convert negative reactivity into positive Proactivity, replenish Energy, and leave a Legacy by making a difference in other people’s lives.

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