PROPEL Principles for life


Power of you  The PASSION Principle: The Drive to Create Positive Outcomes

Passion is the source of our inspiration and motivation. Nurturing a passion allows us to achieve at the highest level – when it synergistically combines with the passion of other people. But passion also has a dark side when it’s fear-based and becomes a consuming need to control.

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 The Relationship Principle: The Power of Supportive People

We all need someone to believe in us, encourage us when we have setbacks, and ultimately celebrate success with us. But such relationships are rare: 25% of people say they have no close connections. 50% of marriages will end in divorce. 70% of employees dislike their boss and don’t care about their coworkers. Love, friendship and teamwork are in short supply.

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AH1  The Optimism Principle: The Science of Overcoming Setbacks

Optimism enables people to maintain hope and motivation for doing their best, especially when life becomes challenging.  People have a mix of optimistic and pessimistic thoughts, making optimistic thinking a skill that falls on a continuum. Most people believe that they’re optimistic, but optimism can almost always be improved with increased awareness and practice.

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Alarm clock  The Proactivity Principle: Redirecting Negative Reactions

Proactivity counteracts reactivity, which are the Fight-Flight-Freeze reactions people experience in stressful situations. Proactivity is a powerful tool that high performing people use to attain the highest levels of success and satisfaction.  It requires developing 3 skills:

  1. To know and use personal strengths when facing a challenge
  2. To align with others to garner support and create momentum
  3. To take action every day that makes progress toward the desired outcome

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friendly doctor  The Energy Principle: The Rituals of Rejuvenation

Energy comes from maintaining daily rituals for replenishing yourself in four main areas: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Studies show, however, that less than 30% of people are able to sustain a sufficient energy level to stay fully engaged at work. As your energy level declines, your passion for pursuing positive outcomes drops, your ability to engage in collaborative relationships diminishes, while your pessimistic thinking increases along with your negative reactions to stressors.

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freeimage-1350986-high  The Legacy Principle: Making a Difference = Life Satisfaction

Legacy is the capacity to create meaning in one’s life by making a difference in the lives of others.  You can undoubtedly remember those people who had a positive impact on your life. In fact, you probably attribute much of your success to having had them as a mentor.  Take this opportunity to reflect on how having a sense of legacy can enhance your life and the lives of the people in your world.

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