Propel your life

PROPEL Your Life

You can learn to flourish in life by applying 6 positive psychology principles which are easily remembered by the acronym PROPEL:

  • Passion – discover what will make you extraordinarily happy
  • Relationships – learn how to have great connections at work and at home
  • Optimism – recover quickly from setbacks so you can achieve your goals
  • Proactivity – determine what enables you to be at your best
  • Energy – replenish yourself with daily rituals for your body-mind-emotions
  • Legacy – make a meaningful difference in the world

Interested in PROPEL for your life? You can learn to harness the power of The PROPEL Principles in face-to-face meetings, online GoToMeeting coaching sessions, or by telephone consultations. You will talk to a Certified PROPEL Coach who can understand your problems and help you figure out how to use the “the science of optimal functioning” to solve them. Individual sessions and group meetings are available. Learn more about personal coaching.