Passion for life

Power of youThe PASSION Principle: The Drive to Create Positive Outcomes


Passion is the source of inspiration and motivation. Nurturing our passion allows us to achieve our biggest goals – when it collaboratively combines with the passion of other people. But passion also has a dark side when it’s fear-based and becomes a consuming need to control.

You may be struggling with obsessive passion if you:

  • regularly dwell on past problems
  • often worry about how things will turn out in the future
  • frequently feel vulnerable around other others
  • become easily frustrated or angry when people don’t do what you want them to
  • consistently feel resentment toward a particular person
  • constantly try to correct what other people are doing wrong

You can develop more harmonious passion if you:

  • learn lessons from the past that teach you what to do differently now
  • picture what it will look like if your current challenge turns out well
  • develop strong inner values about what is most important to you in life
  • work out mutually agreeable goals with other people
  • focus on taking a small step toward your goal everyday
  • catch people (including yourself) doing things right