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7 Strategies that Help Teens Succeed

Mark has been underperforming in high school. He failed a couple of his classes and got C’s in most others. However, he did get an A in his class on computers. His parents both have professional degrees, and they fear…

2 View / August 20, 2017

Reset negative emotions with positivity

Marley has a huge problem with her coworker Tim. Their boss asked them to work together to cut costs in their department. Marley had personally spoken to numerous staff members to gather suggestions, and discovered they had some innovative ideas….

9 View / August 13, 2017

Good employee/leader relationships determine business success

Business success depends on highly motivated employees. But many organizations plod along with a low level of employee engagement. Workers who are under-engaged can be difficult to identify. The best term for an employee who is not engaged in their…

18 View / August 6, 2017

7 Strategies for Managing Your Inner Critic

Your inner critic can contaminate your whole life. You know that voice, the one that tells you that you’re not good enough to get what you so deeply desire – a loving relationship, a more fulfilling job, a body that…

15 View / July 30, 2017

6 Steps for Becoming Resilient

I always admired my father’s resilience. He developed an indomitable spirit to do well no matter what external circumstances or challenges might present themselves. It’s obvious where I got my passion for understanding how people can overcome adversity and achieve…

45 View / July 23, 2017