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Dr. Tom Muha

Four Steps for Achieving Happiness

Happiness is hard to hold onto. Sometimes we speculate that people who are rich and famous must always be happy, but studies show that’s not true. In spite of what people post on Facebook, when you really get to know…

267 View / November 7, 2017

6 Strategies To Make Changes That Last

Changing behavior can be excruciatingly difficult because learning new behaviors causes discomfort, distress and conflict. Anyone who’s tried to lose weight or stop smoking can attest to this fact. Those who’ve made an effort to change their work situation by…

416 View / October 30, 2017

Rekindle Love

Andy and Denice were madly in love when they got married 5 years ago. After a couple of years and a couple of kids their romantic relationship has slowly withered away. Denice is feeling lonely due to Andy’s diminished interest…

133 View / October 21, 2017

PROPEL: Six Steps to Happiness

Dr. Tom Muha After undergoing open heart surgery 12 years ago—at a prestigious medical center, I should add—I awoke in my hospital room to experience a pain that can only be described as stunning.  Eventually, a nurse responded to the…

346 View / October 15, 2017

Achieve Satisfaction and Success

Would you like to boost your happiness? Studies show that it’s possible to learn how to intentionally increase your level of life satisfaction. Positive psychology coaching offers a significantly different approach to traditional psychotherapy. While some people need to alleviate…

107 View / October 1, 2017