Career Quiz- How happy are you?

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What if you didn’t try to escape from the anxiety? Since your mind is dwelling on the problem anyhow, what if you consciously controlled the way in which you were thinking about the stressful situation? Wouldn’t it be great to be able to manage your mind so that you had the power to think about problems more productively? Rather than envisioning the worst that could happen, what if you imagined the best possible outcome? Rather than fueling your anxiety, you’d calm yourself. And when your mind is calmer, it’s much better at creating solutions and finding people who could support you in working toward them.

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The PROPEL Principles have been crafted to rejuvenate your outlook and understanding of what you want in a successful and positive career. Using the 6 principles of Passion, Relationships, Optimism, Proactivity, Energy, and Legacy, you can get started on a positive and fulfilled life in the career you are passionate about.

PROPEL Career Assessment

Curious about your own satisfaction in the workplace? Take the PROPEL Career Assessment and see how you score.