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The importance of generating lots of positive exchanges

Don’s been frustrated and angry with his wife, Danielle, for many years. But Don’s done what lots of guys do when they’re not happy in their marriage – he’s disengaged. For her part, Danielle says she also craves a better…

9 View / September 17, 2017

New ways of thinking can overcome negativity

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it,” Albert Einstein discovered. Only with new ways of thinking was he able to achieve his breakthrough understanding of how the physical universe works. I’ve found the…

7 View / September 10, 2017

Improving your mind’s outlook can pay dividends

Improving your mind’s outlook on the world can both improve your mood and make you physically healthier. A clear example of the mind-body connection has been discovered in the relationship between heart disease and depression. Recent research has found that…

6 View / September 3, 2017