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Use Your Strengths to Build Sense of Self-Worth

Debbie works with someone who constantly needs to be the center of attention. Carolyn likes to do most of the talking and it’s almost always about herself – her day, her job, her plans, and her goals. To be fair,…

15 View / May 28, 2017

Everyday heroes make a big difference

Every once in a while we encounter an everyday hero. They don’t make headline news for doing something like pulling a child out of a burning building. Everyday heroes are just that – they do something almost every day to…

16 View / May 14, 2017

What personality type are you?

While psychologists have known that our personalities are formed by some combination of nature and nurture, they’ve primarily studied how the effects of our upbringing influence our ways of dealing with the world. However, recent groundbreaking research has revealed that…

60 View / May 7, 2017