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Cancer causes emotional turmoil too

Around one in 30 Americans is presently receiving treatment for cancer or has done so in the past. The road to recovery is stressful for cancer patients, who must fight their way through the powerful emotions associated with having a…

38 View / March 26, 2017

Know when unhappiness has lapsed into depression

There are two ways of thinking that raise your risk of lapsing into depression. One is perfectionistic thinking, which is characterized by the thought that if you can’t make life work exactly right people will disapprove of you. When a…

14 View / March 19, 2017

Learning to think about relationships in new way

Daryl and Peg struggle to maintain their love for each other. They do well working together to raise their kids or going out to socialize with friends. But then one of them will say something that hurts the other’s feelings….

15 View / March 12, 2017

Addressing underlying issues instead of bickering solves conflicts

Marty and Sue always seem to be at odds. Usually it’s over small stuff like taking out the trash. Sue feels that she has to nag Marty to get him to do anything around the house. For his part, Marty…

71 View / March 5, 2017