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angry people

Six Ways to Express Anger

Most relationships turn out poorly. The divorce rate is more than 50 percent and job disengagement is around 70 percent. There’s a pattern to the demise of positive connections. While people experience a great many positive emotions when starting new…

49 View / October 30, 2016

Why you struggle to sustain intimate relationships

Remember a time that you felt an incredibly intimate connection with another human being. Perhaps it was a special moment long ago when your mother comforted you. It could have been when an intimate relationship was blossoming and you were…

131 View / October 23, 2016

Using therapy to help treat panic attack symptoms

Larry felt his heart beginning to pound. Within 10 minutes he was sweating, trembling and could barely breathe. He began to experience chest pains, nausea and lightheadedness. He was sure he was having a heart attack and was going to…

58 View / October 16, 2016

Couples should learn how to solve problems quickly

Couples often come into my office telling me that they’ve had a terrible week. The story usually has a similar theme: a bruising argument occurred several days earlier that left the couple feeling hurt and angry ever since. They frequently…

66 View / October 9, 2016

To build confidence, discover your strengths

Rick is on a downward spiral. A junior in high school, he’s finding his courses to be significantly harder this year. When he got a failing grade in the first quarter for math, his confidence began to crumble and he…

43 View / October 3, 2016