PROPEL for Healthcare Organizations

by / Comments Off on PROPEL for Healthcare Organizations / 111 View / March 31, 2014

You can become fully engaged in creating a successful and satisfying life – flourishing – by mastering 6 principles derived from the positive psychology research. These principles are easily remembered by their acronym PROPEL: Passion, Relationships, Optimism, Proactivity, Energy, and Legacy.

After teaching hundreds of leaders and staff at one of the world’s best hospitals to use the PROPEL Principles, I have be able to observe firsthand what it means to flourish. For example, a new leader took the reins on a neurology unit and in her first 2 years was able to use the PROPEL Principles with her staff to reduce patient falls from 75-85 per year to under 10. A manager in radiology was able to get kids the MRI’s they need to diagnose problems in 12 days rather than having to wait an excruciating 15 weeks. These teams are typical of dozens of others who were also able to accomplish remarkable results using the PROPEL Principles.

Studies involving PROPEL have shown significant improvements in patient satisfaction and safety, as well as staff satisfaction and retention. In addition, units that learned to use the PROPEL Principles had far less sick leave and FMLA, cut the cost of supplies and found solutions for other budget-busting problems.

Read on to learn how the PROPEL Principles can help increase your staff engagement and patient satisfaction