PROPEL your life

by / Comments Off on PROPEL your life / 263 View / March 31, 2014

A woman who was nearing 60 told her coworkers that she’d never been happy her entire life until she started living by the PROPEL Principles. She’d grown up with parents who were very unhappy people and she thought that she’d just inherited her propensity for feeling bad. After learning how to incorporate positive psychology into her life, she shared that she now enjoys a sustained sense of well being.

A nurse who learned to use PROPEL raved about how much better her relationships at home had become: “the romance returned with my husband and my teenage daughter actually began to talk to me again!”

Just as gratifying are the stories that people have shared about how their professional lives improved after they learned to apply these 6 positive psychology principles. A new manager took the reins on a neurology unit and in her first 2 years was able to use the PROPEL Principles with her staff to reduce patient falls from 75-85 per year to under 10 for all of last year. A manager in radiology was able to get kids the MRI’s they need to diagnose problems in 12 days rather than families having to wait an excruciating 15 weeks.

You can start implementing the PROPEL Principles for a happier life today! Learn more about the 6 PROPEL Principles here or click here to learn more about personal coaching by Dr. Muha.