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Register now for PROPEL® YOUR LIFE CLASS PROPEL® YOUR LIFE CLASS Learn how to use the six PROPEL Principles® to help manage the stress of the holiday season and experience an even happier, more fulfilling life! PASSION – RELATIONSHIPS – OPTIMISM –...

The PROPEL Principles

After being a victim of medical neglect during a stay in a prestigious medical facility following an open heart surgery, Dr. Tom Muha, developed a series of principle that could help increase satisfaction and success for healthcare facilities, organizational leaders,...

PROPEL your life

A woman who was nearing 60 told her coworkers that she’d never been happy her entire life until she started living by the PROPEL Principles. She’d grown up with parents who were very unhappy people and she thought that she’d...

PROPEL for your career

Here the secret for shifting your thinking: Instead of trying to fight anxiety, focus on being curious. Cultivating this new way of thinking can effectively counteract anxiety. Positive Psychology researcher Todd Kashdan, Ph.D., author of Curious? Discover the Missing Ingredient to...

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About Dr. Muha


About Dr. Muha

by - March 19, 2014

Dr. Tom Muha After undergoing open heart surgery 12 years ago—at a prestigious medical center,...

    Career Quiz


    Career Quiz- How happy are you?

    by - April 9, 2014

    What if you didn’t try to escape from the anxiety? Since your mind is dwelling...