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Dr. Tom Muha

Strategies to help you reach your goals

As you know, being successful is challenging. Unexpected problems continually pop up and finding solutions can be frustrating. Many difficulties often stand in your way, sometimes stirring a sense of helplessness or self-doubt. Fear not. Positive psychologists have studied the…

4 View / June 18, 2017

Establish a positive mindset to manage stress

In coaching leaders over the past several years, I’ve observed a common theme: feeling overpowered by rapidly changing circumstances. These men and women struggle to manage shrinking budgets, ask employees do more with less and receive negative online reviews that…

6 View / June 11, 2017

Change your mindset to reach your goals

When people think about losing weight, many consider it to be a losing battle. As they contemplate another attempt at slimming down, their mind automatically recalls all of their past failure experiences. These thoughts doom dieters from the beginning. I…

9 View / June 4, 2017

Use Your Strengths to Build Sense of Self-Worth

Debbie works with someone who constantly needs to be the center of attention. Carolyn likes to do most of the talking and it’s almost always about herself – her day, her job, her plans, and her goals. To be fair,…

16 View / May 28, 2017

Couples need to make a commitment to sustain romance

Andy and Denice were madly in love when they got married 5 years ago. After a couple of years and a couple of kids their romantic relationship has slowly withered away. Denice is feeling lonely due to Andy’s diminished interest…

15 View / May 21, 2017