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Five Steps for Achieving Peak Performance

Would you like to know the secret to being successful? So did Doug Newburg, a professor at the University of Virginia who studied hundreds of the world’s top performers to determine what made them the best surgeons, business leaders, athletes,…

38 View / July 16, 2017

Setbacks can make us stronger

Karen was actually relieved when she was ask to resign from her nurse manager position. She was burned out and she knew it. Her assumption that a good life awaits if a person works extraordinarily hard had proven to be…

10 View / July 9, 2017

To flourish, set daily goals to generate joy

Karen was working 65 hours a week managing an Intensive Care Unit. She was a dedicated leader who was committed to ensuring high quality patient care. Just the person you would want in that position, right? Actually, she was asked…

9 View / July 2, 2017